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The Spartan Commandments: I and II

So if one of the G.O.A.T’s of the rap game had the Ten Crack Commandments, then it was only fitting that the future G.O.A.T’s of the fitness game had their Nine Spartan Commandments.

However, we’re not here to be G.O.A.T’s. We’re here to build an army of Spartans to fight through the sh*t-storm of life. Here are our rules to becoming a Spartan in the gym:

1. Earn your shield

2. Power in appearance

3. Always perform a pre battle ritual

4. Prepare for battle, prepare for glory

5. Fight from habit, not feeling

6. No place for weakness

7. True strength is the warrior beside you

8. Endurance is the foundation of strength

9. No retreat no surrender

But what do these bad*ss statements mean? Let’s break it down.

1. Earn your shield

Earning your shield. It all boils down to one thing. Respect. Respect for the game. Respect for others. And most importantly, respect for yourself.

Beyond respect, earning your shield is about striving towards the mastery of your domain. For Spartanomics, our domain is bodybuilding/strength training. Lifting is a skill and to develop mastery of this we require time, patience, and deep-unremitting focus.

If you can set the basis of pristine technique from the get-go, then each exercise you perform will bring you many years of progress and hypertrophy. Less time spent satisfying the ego will equate to more time spent taking strides towards the goal. Ultimately, achieving a goal inside of the gym cascades to achieving goals outside of the gym.

So, do what you were bred to do. Listen, study, and act.

2. Power in appearance

Power in appearance. It’s about more than having a six-pack (if that’s the goal). It’s about the process.

Who do you need to become to achieve the goal? Does this person’s mentality shine a light on others around them? How does this person carry themselves?

Having a mindset that conveys positivity and confidence will ultimately lead to power in appearance. In the short term, when it come to load selection. Being confident and positive with your ability to perform the set allows for progress to be made. And in the long term, this means achieving the goal. And then achieving the next one. Which isn’t to be confused with ego - a false confidence.

Power in appearance is also about your literal appearance. Your attire needs to be warm, comfortable, and considerate of mobility for the training session. Footwear can make a big difference e.g. Adidas Powerlifts for squats and Slippers for deadlifts. All of this can set you up for success.

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