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The Spartan Commandments: IX

The Spartan Commandments:

1. Earn your shield

2. Power in appearance

3. Always perform a pre battle ritual

4. Prepare for battle, prepare for glory

5. Fight from habit, not feeling

6. No place for weakness

7. True strength is the warrior beside you

8. Endurance is the foundation of strength

9. No retreat no surrender

Last but not least…

9. No retreat no surrender

Long story short, if you want to achieve a goal, then you better stick at it.

And we have a YouTube video which delves into 10 top tips to guarantee your training success:

But if you’d rather read then I’ll summarise it here for you.

1. SMART goal-setting

Specific (E.g. I want to lose 5kg) Measurable (E.g. scale weight) Attainable (time, availability, and ability) Realistic (If the goal is bodybuilding… then bodybuild instead of cycle…)

Time-Based (Have a deadline)

2. Structure and organisation

Set a routine and stick to it. Go with what you feel you can do consistently.

3. Adaptability

Life can throw anything your way. Your training needs to consider this.

4. Importance of tracking

This provides data that lets you know when to make progressions, regressions or to stay the same.

5. Fitness journal

Written notes provide further information that consolidates the data. It can also help to jot down affirmations e.g., “focusing on posture will help me improve my physical and mental health.”

6. Motivation

Data and affirmations can help to keep you going. This can be in the form of journaling, progress pictures, scale weight, a training partner, or a training mentor (which can be found anywhere, even online, hint hint Spartanomics).

7. Adherence

We can adhere a training programme a lot easier when everything in this list, is in check.

8. Enjoyment

Find what you enjoy and stick to it.

9. Fundamentals of form

Lifting is a learnt skill that allows for you set the basis for long-lasting gains. Learn to move optimally and you’ll be on your way to your goal.

10. Recovery

Recovery is where the adaptation process takes place. Training provides a stimulus for adaptation. Sleep on recovery and you’ll be going nowhere fast.

So, in order to put yourself in the best position to not retreat nor surrender, you need to make sure the goal you’re chasing is in line with our top ten tips!


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