Spartanomics (Sparta-nomics): ‘Nomics’ translates from the Greek for law or ‘rule of a discipline’


'Spartanomics' is using the laws of science, and the principles of training, in order to create the legendary Spartan physique.


Generic advice leads to average results. Spartanomics is for the guy that's tried every YouTube workout, online program, fad diet, and taken advice from the gym bro, and guess what?

It hasn’t worked.

Now you are ready to step up and make a change.

To transform.

To become a Spartan born of science.

Continually evolving and adapting to cut through the confusion and BS of the fitness world, to learn how to build muscle, get shredded and get strong with evidence-based coaching.


It's about living stronger, and living jacked.


Yours in gains, 

Team Spartanomics


About Kyp

After graduating with an economics degree, Kyp decided to pursue a passion for health + fitness as a personal trainer and has worked at prestigious London-based gyms.


This pursuit also included his own physical transformation from a skinny teen, playing football to a competitive natural bodybuilder, gaining 25kg+ of muscle in the process, while overcoming 2 foot injuries, an ACL tear and a spinal injury. 


He prides himself on continual development, and using his knowledge, skill and experience to educate, and successfully transform clients by appreciating that not everyone is an athlete or fitness model, but rather full-time workers with specific responsibilities, relationships, finances and commitments to uphold.

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Coaching is an art and a science form; utilising an evidence-based approach, underpinned by practical application to fit the individual, their past, present, while considering their future. 

Everyone is different, and that is reflected in his commitment to help you find YOUR way.

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About Avi

Avi is a Mathematics graduate and worked in the corporate world as a data analyst upon leaving university. He eventually came to the realisation that he had taken the wrong path in life and decided it was time to turn it around and chase his passion in the world of fitness. 


Avi has a natural curiosity for movement. His childhood activity was swimming but the first sport that he fell in love with was in fact Muay Thai kickboxing. After various ankle sprains, he had to step away from the sport and started going to the gym. This is where he began the life long journey that is the quest for gains. 

Since becoming a coach, Avi has seen vast progress and continually strives to develop his skills. He devotes his time to helping clients reach their goals, no matter their training history and works in a prestigious London-based gym alongside Coach Kyp. He has dropped 50kg on the road of self development and now competes in Powerlifting.

He lives by the Spartan Law’s and see’s everyday as a battle in the war on mediocrity.

Right here, right now, and in the moment. Everyday is a new page in the book of life and everyday presents new challenges. A coach needs to be willing and able to adapt to the individual and meet them where they're at.

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About Christos

Christos is a university graduate with a degree in Economics, but spent most of his time skipping lectures for leg day. Some of the habits he brought back from uni aren’t exactly conducive to training (a certain herb comes to mind) but he finds the right balance to make sure he achieves his goals, no matter what.


When he was younger, Christos was a chubby kid, infamously known as Big Chris. Some time after, he began simultaneously playing both football and swimming competitively and lost all the puppy fat! Eventually, he sacrificed swimming to focus on football, but ruptured his ACL at 16 years old. To replace football, Coach Kyp convinced Christos to start up bodybuilding. This started the journey to Big Chris volume 2, the Spartan version!


After this (and another ACL rupture… don’t ask), Christos transferred his energy into natural bodybuilding. He subsequently became a qualified Personal Trainer and studied the ShreddedByScience Personal Trainer course in order to further his knowledge in the field. He used this knowledge, and the Spartanomics mindset to become the strongest version of himself once more, and wants to help you do the same.


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Some of us may live and breathe for training, but there are also some of us who cannot find the time, or motivation.

Through the consideration of a vast array of variables based on YOU, let us find the best way to break through and find the Spartan within.