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The Spartan Commandments: V and VI

The Spartan Commandments:

1. Earn your shield

2. Power in appearance

3. Always perform a pre battle ritual

4. Prepare for battle, prepare for glory

5. Fight from habit, not feeling

6. No place for weakness

7. True strength is the warrior beside you

8. Endurance is the foundation of strength

9. No retreat no surrender

Let’s get back into it…

5. Fight from habit, not feeling

Success in the gym will come as a result of long term accumulation of volume, with correct form. Building these positive habits from as early as possible will lead to the best chance at you having long-term, sustainable progress. You don’t develop habits overnight, you have to put in the work early to get your form right, master it over time, and eventually it will start to become a habit. Once it’s a habit, the gains will go WILD. Habits are formed from consistency and repetition, so trust the process and be PATIENT. When it comes to progressing our numbers in the gym, we won’t get anywhere thinking emotionally - basing it 100% off how we feel on any given day. Think tactically & scientifically - we need data and experience to show where we should be, and then we can account for small changes due to daily changes. Session to session fluctuations should be small! Use the data to know what you should be lifting, then after is when you can tap into the emotions to give everything you’ve got! “First you train with your head, then you fight with your heart”

6. No place for weakness

To achieve our fitness goals, we need to allow no place for weakness - in our training, in our approach, in our programming, in our nutrition - we need to be on point. If you’re determined, and intelligent in your process, there’s no reason you won’t achieve glory. But of course, external disruptions can threaten our progress from time to time, so you must be ready to ride the storm, and still do what you can to stay on top of your goal. Analyse, prioritise, and improve. This is how to stay STRONG. “A warrior can be both fierce, and reverent.”


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