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The Pillars of Training: Part 3

Training = Efficiency + Intensity + Progression + Longevity + Goal

What does a 27-year-old know about longevity? Let’s think about it like this… I like training and I want to keep training for a long time. Look no further than the likes of LeBron James and Cristiano Ronaldo for examples of longevity.

We can achieve this by considering the factors that can influence longevity,

Movement, resilience and suitability

How does movement contribute to longevity in training? Well, before an exercise is an exercise… it is a movement. For example, a squat is what you perform when you’re sitting down and getting up from a chair. A squat can also be loaded and performed for reps in the gym.

Each exercise can be broken down into some fundamental patterns:

  • Squat or hip hinge

  • Lunge

  • Rotation

  • Push/pull

  • Gait (carrying, running, walking)

  • Balance

Gaining movement proficiency contributes to training longevity.