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The Pillars of Training: Part 2

Let’s get straight back into it.

Training = Efficiency + Intensity + Progression + Longevity + Goal

Progression is the name of the game, but what is it and how do we achieve it?

To achieve progress, we must first address the factors that contribute towards achieving this.

Volume, overload and stress/fatigue management

We can define training volume as

“Sets x reps x weight”

Training volume is heavily dependent on your training goal. Individuals that are newer to the gym may be able to extract more adaptation with lower volume in comparison to the training OG who requires a higher volume to progress.

The amount of training volume that an individual can handle may be influenced by factors such as:

  • Other stressors in life i.e. work schedule, personal life, etc.

  • Energy balance

  • Current training volume i.e. is this