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The Sleep Solution

Sleep is essential, we know.

We know a lot of healthy bodily functions occurs when we sleep, and the opposite when we're deprived of sleep, but...

How do we optimise sleep?

1. Light:

  • If we consider the circadian rhythm from an evolutionary perspective, during the day, when its light outside, we want as much natural light exposure as possible, and when its dark outside, and light is reduced, we want to replicate that. However, now we have artificial light from lights, TV, phones etc, all of which are stimulatory - the opposite of what we need at this time.

  • The artificial light produces more blue light, which replicates the sunlight frequencies, at a time where we require more red light and similar frequencies.

  • The result? - circadian misalignment, with changes in melatonin secretion which could have up to a 2hr delay to falling asleep + the resulting sleep cycles.

So whats the solution?

  • Get outside. Try to get more natural light during the day - a minimum of 15-30 mins in the morning.

  • At sunset, flip the switch - less blue artificial light, more red light. If you still need to watch TV or use phones or laptops, consider blue light blocking glasses, or f.lux app or similar to reduce the intensity of the blue light + change the light frequencies.

2. Food + fluids:

  • Fluids - when we consider wake ups to pee during the night…the question we need to ask is: did you wake up, THEN realised you needed to pee, or did you need to pe