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Stress - The Forgotten Factor of Fat Loss

When it comes to fat loss, we need to get the big rocks in place to elicit a result such as setting a calorie deficit, setting up a good training plan, etc. But to maximise our efforts, especially with a longer cutting phase, there's some other forgotten factors which can directly and indirectly impact our results.

As we move up the pyramid, we can check off adherence, energy balance, macronutrients, but then we reach stress management...

What if you're following the plan but not seeing the expected results?

What if the fat loss is being masked or stopped altogether due to stress?

We can define stress as a stimulus that disrupts our mental or physical equilibrium, and can include a multitude of factors which contribute; we can refer to this as ‘allostatic load'.

Allostatic load can include psychological, social, physical, societal, environmental and digestive stressors.