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Sleep Is Kind Of A Big Deal

We all know sleep is important, and most of us probably need more, but do we necessarily know why its so important, and how much we actually need?

Well, here we’ll explain exactly that. The what, why and how of sleep.

So firstly, what is sleep?

Sleep is simply a recurring state of rest which is essential for all bodily functions. From brain function, to immune health, to weight management and anabolic functions for the muscular system.

So yeah, its a big deal and should be one of the first things to address on any program. If you have all those functions working optimally, you’ll undoubtedly see a positive change in your health + physique.

Now lets delve a little deeper into the mechanisms of sleep.

Sleep occurs in cycles of different phases.

Light Sleep (NREM):

So we have 2 cycles of light sleep - non rapid eye movement 1 (NREM 1) - which makes up around 10% - as the name suggests this is a light sleep.

Then, NREM 2 light sleep makes up approximately 50%, for a total of 60% of our total sleep being from light sleep.

Role of sleep in NREM 1-2 phases:

  • Promoting memory

  • Suppressing cortisol - important as cortisol is a hormone which is responsible for regulating metabolism, blood pressure + blood sugar levels and managing inflammation (usually considered the ‘stress’ hormone).

This phase is a shallow sleep + easy to wake from.