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The Perfect Fat Loss Plan...

If you had the perfect fat loss plan, the perfect training plan, perfect nutrition plan, what could possibly stop you achieving your goal?


If you fail to match the perfect plan with execution, how do you expect it to work?

If the plan is perfect on paper, but cannot match with your lifestyle, how do you expect it to work?

Adherence - Strategies:

Our first step is to calculate the calorie intake and macronutrients that will be set-up to create a caloric deficit.

Once we have those numbers, they are set. However, the way in which we arrange these numbers across a plan can help or hinder your adherence to those numbers.

Instead of only looking at the caloric deficit on a day-by-day basis, let’s consider the bigger picture.

That bigger picture could be a week, or a month.

1. Weekly Calorie Distribution:

If you find that you’re generally highly adherent on weekdays, and struggle on weekends, then re-arranging your weekly calories can be a way to stick maintain the deficit, and therefore start losing fat.