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Discover our 5 step Spartan Sculptor System that will help you build muscle, lose fat, and achieve the Spartan physique you’ve always dreamed of.

In this exclusive programme, learn how to manage your training and nutrition at each stage of the process to optimise your chance at becoming the next Spartan born of science.

Want to build more muscle and get leaner than ever before…


… without training every day, or for hours on end?


… without waking up at 5am for fasted cardio sessions?


… without sacrificing your social life and removing all the foods (and drinks) you love? 


Join The Spartan Sculptor System now to discover how evidence based methods and truly personalised programming have helped our clients transform their physique, and become Spartans born of science.


"The coaching has been brilliant, I’m getting the work in…and Kyp reviews my week, helps me out in any way and he will always answer questions. The video reply is great too as its good to hear the feedback."

Dylan, M


"Anyone struggling with their diet and training should use Spartanomics for better structure, week to week advice and improved results. They'll help you get out whatever you put into it."

Harry, P


"I was using programs for 6 months and not seeing much progress, but in the 5 weeks of coaching I have seen significant results in terms of how I feel performance-wise, the results I am getting and my body composition."

Kyle, F

How the Spartan Sculptor System will take you from regular gym guy to Spartan physique

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To know where you're going & how you'll get there, we first need to know where you are now. 

In the Origins Phase, we start with a Spartan Solution call to discover your start point, goals & obstacles.


That's followed up with an analysis form to find out your training history, injury history, lifestyle & more to design a program & path to GUARANTEE your success.


The last part of the Origins Phase is a movement assessment to assess your movement patterns, limitations & lifting ability to create the most personalised program for your body to ensure maximum growth with minimum injury risk.


Sculpting a Spartan physique can't be built on weak foundations.

In the Base Camp phase, we guide you to building long-lasting habits with training consistency, nutrition protocols & recovery tactics to teach you HOW to transform.

Training is the catalyst for your transformation. If your training is sub-par, you're leaving gains on the table. We use the results of your movement assessment to identify & fix your weakest links in mobility, stability & lifting technique to optimize your training & build the foundations of ongoing progression.


Reducing body fat while maintaining or even increasing muscle mass will display your physique at its peak & boost your confidence to the MAX.

In the Sculpt Phase, we coach you with proven strategies & accountability to get shredded, without sacrificing your favourite foods or social life. 

You'll learn how to manipulate your training & nutrition protocols to rapidly burn body fat & remove the fear & stress of losing that hard-earned muscle mass.

The Sculpt phase is interchangeable with Build depending on goals & start point.


The hardest part of a Spartan physique transformation, is maintaining it. 

In the Sustain Phase, we teach you simple, fool-proof methods to hit your training & nutrition targets without tracking & maintain your physique on autopilot. 

Transforming your body can be mentally & physically demanding, so we also use the Sustain phase as an opportunity to shift your training & nutrition into maintenance mode to remove the fatigue & prepare you to be at your peak, ready for the next phase.


The game-changer to building an eye-catching Spartan physique is more MUSCLE MASS.

In the Build Phase, we combine the training technique mastery & habits from the previous phases, with evidence-based nutrition to forge new gains without gaining excess body fat.

We'll coach you through our tried & tested progression models & training intensity methods to guarantee growth.

The Build phase is interchangeable with Sculpt depending on goals & start point.

My biggest issues were consistency and self control. I've always had an onoff relationship

Who are we & how can we help

We’re Kyp and Chris, the brothers behind Spartanomics. We are Personal Trainers & Online Coaches from North London.


Combined, we have 10+ years of experience working in prestigious Personal Training Facilities, and running Online Programs.


We’ve helped a hundreds of clients, from vastly different starting points, to build physiques they’re proud of.


Personal Training requires a personal touch, so one of our primary points of focus is to bring the essence of 1-1 sessions into Online Coaching.


We guide clients to results fast, with no frustration or stress.


Then we teach them how to coach themselves in order to maintain results & continue progressing, even after Spartanomics.


Of course, we can help you do the same.

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Everything you need to succeed

Training Programming

Personalised and periodized training plan, utilising research-backed strategies to ensure you maximise progress based on your individualised goals and mechanics.

Nutrition Coaching

Evidence-based nutrition coaching to teach you an actionable way to support your training while eating the foods you love AND developing your physique.

Unlimited Support

Unlimited access to your coach via WhatsApp to ask any questions regarding your program, progression + adherence. 

Weekly Check-in

Weekly video check-ins to ensure that you’re progressing and also allowing us to make & explain changes based on feedback markers and provide accountability to you.

Training Video Analysis

Training video analysis to optimise form and technique in the gym for increased performance, correct exercise mechanics and ensuring confidence in your training to guarantee development of the target muscles.

Exercise Library

Fully captioned videos teaching you how to perform every exercise in your program to ensure technique mastery & never feeling unsure or confused in the gym.

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Is the Spartan Sculptor System right for you?

Most people think it’s complicated to transform your physique.


And while it’s not easy, it’s actually pretty simple.


It comes from building a personalised, progressive plan that suits your body, your schedule, and your lifestyle.


We know you’re busy, so we don’t overload you with loads of responsibility.


Every week, we’ll help you tick the essential boxes needed in order to consistently progress.


If you need someone to take the stress and decision making out of your hands, we can guide you…


All you need to do is listen, and perform.

Frequently asked questions

Can I really transform to a Spartan-like physique?

We can't guarantee exact results, as it also depends on the execution of the plan on your end but we’ve helped people at different start points & body types to do exactly that. We can guarantee that we'll guide you & work with you to help you work through any obstacles.

Regardless of where you’re starting from, if you commit to the program, the Spartan physique is on the way.

How long will it take to
get the program?

Upon signing up, you'll immediately receive the Spartan Sculptor System welcome pack & video guides with everything you need to know about fat loss & muscle growth, as well as how the coaching & program work. You'll then receive your program within 5-7 days of completing your movement assessment, armed full of information ready to transform!

Is the program
right for me?

If you want to take your physique to the next level, are willing to commit to the plan & working with a coach, and have some experience in the gym, then yes. 

The program is truly personalised so we'll always make it fit with your lifestyle & schedule. 

But to be sure, we always start with a Spartan Solution call to see if we're a good fit for each other.

How long is
the program?

The best results occur for those who follow the full Spartan Sculptor System, but the overall time frame &  length of each phase varies depending on your start point & goal. However, we don't tie you down to any specific time & we use a rolling contract, month-to-month so you can leave us at any point of the program if you're ready to go solo Spartan.

My exercise technique is poor.
Can you help with online coaching?

For sure! It's essential to our Spartan Sculptor System. Firstly, the movement assessment in the Origins phase ensures we select exercises suited to your body. Secondly, we have fully captioned exercise library videos for every exercise in your program so you know exactly how to do it. Lastly, we use ongoing training video analysis for checks & corrections throughout.

How much 1:1 support
will I get?

As much as you need to succeed! Every week you'll have a check-in with your coach where you'll submit a form & spreadsheet with tracked progress, as well sending us a message/audio or video about your week. You'll receive a video explaining changes & guiding you through the process. In addition, you'll be able to speak to your coach whenever you need via Whatsapp or email.

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How to get started

Book Spartan
Solution call

Sign up & fill in Analysis Form

Complete Movement Assessment 

Begin Spartan Sculptor System

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