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By investing and participating in online personal training, you are fast tracking your results and I have faith that by working together we can get results. However, it does take two to get results. Success requires a level of personal commitment from you as well. Teaming up with a personal trainer is not simply an option to transfer personal responsibility for your health onto someone else.


Personal agreement - 


I understand that certain elements of personal training can be physically demanding. As a condition of my enrolment, I accept full and complete responsibility for my own participation in the sessions, for my physical and emotional wellbeing and the attainment of the goals I/we have established.


This means I acknowledge Spartanomics recommendations and that I obtain a doctors approval of my participation in this program. I agree to hold Spartanomics free and harmless of any and all liability for any death, subsequent injury or health complication that may result from or be aggravated by my participation in this program.

Purchasing of online coaching - 


All prices are in GBP.


Payment will be taken in full prior to delivery of goods or services. In the case of recurring payments, these will be charged on predetermined dates of which you will be notified.


Delivery of services will be determined after contact with Spartanomics and analysis form has submitted, and usually within 5 working days.


Payment will be debited from your account before the dispatch of your purchase.


Returns / Refunds – Services and digital products are not eligible for refund.

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