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The Spartanomics Team was brought together to help you to learn, practice, and master your movements. With a vast and ever-increasing exercise library and a thorough Online Coaching system, we can help build the bridge between your goals, and your reality. 


Our team has years of Personal Training experience working in various London gyms. Never satisfied with our current levels of knowledge, we attend the latest and best courses from RTS, SBS, and BackFitPro to provide you with the most bespoke, tactile, and efficient plan for your goals. 


Coaching with Spartanomics begins with an initial consultation and movement assessment. This way we learn everything we need to know about you and your ability level. Using our expertise, we devise a bespoke training and nutrition plan to get you started. 


At Spartanomics, we understand that it isn’t just training and nutrition affects you. Our coaches will observe a vast range of variables that could be affecting your goals, such as pre training and post training behaviour, sleep data, stress management and digestion in order to to ensure we provide you with the most detailed coaching plan on the market. 


Weekly check ins and training video analysis keeps up in regular contact with you, and helps you to remain confident that you are on the right path.


If you want to progress your physique to a new level

If you're willing to commit to your plan + work closely with your coach

If you train but want to optimise the variables + corresponding results

 If you've never trained before, we'd recommend learning to lift with a trainer

If you're not willing to track - we value feedback to ensure a quality service online

If you're not open to making changes to your training and/or lifestyle

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Initial Consultation

We'll discuss your goals, barriers to results and current protocols to find out whether we can help you, and if we are a good fit for each other as coach and client. 

The initial consultation is completed on Skype.



If we're both happy to proceed, we'll get you signed up. You'll then fill in our comprehensive coaching analysis form regarding your current training & nutrition, history, sleep, stress, health, etc. to help us develop a fully personalised plan for you + your goals.



You'll have the opportunity to book in your movement assessment to determine the optimal exercises based on your movement patterns, current execution and injury history so that you get the most personalised and efficient training program possible + avoid potential injury.

The movement assessment is completed on Skype.




Based on steps 1-3, we'll design your personalised training program, and action plan. 

This will be shared with you via Dropbox. You'll receive a corresponding video from your coach explaining your program.


Moving forward, you'll track the variables we decide together, and check-in weekly with the results, a completed check-in form, and an opportunity to ask any questions. 

Your coach will respond with a new video with updates on your program + any changes for the following week.


Training Programming

Personalised + periodized training plan, utilising research-backed strategies to ensure you maximise progress based on your individualised goals + mechanics.

Nutrition Coaching

Evidence-based nutrition coaching teach you an actionable way to support your training while eating the foods you love AND developing your physique.

Unlimited Support

Unlimited access to your coach via WhatsApp to ask any questions regarding your program, progression + adherence. 

Weekly Check-in + Support

Weekly check-ins to ensure that you’re progressing, allow us to make changes based on feedback markers + provide accountability to you.

Training Video Analysis

Training video analysis to optimise form & technique in the gym for increased performance, correct exercise mechanics & ensuring confidence in your training to guarantee development of the target muscles.


Apply for a 30 min Skype call to discuss your online coaching application below. 

We use this to find out if we are right for each other as coach and client, and whether we can help you to ensure your success as part of Team Spartanomics.

There is no obligation to subscribe at the end of the call, we just want to take this time and opportunity to guarantee we'll have a successful working relationship together.